5. Media Influence on Genders

The media has a major influence on our society today. Social media is changing the world we have grown up in. Femininity and masculinity are being perceived in a much different way than they did 50 years ago. I ask myself this question. Why is this? In our fast moving, 21st century world, we sometimes believe everything we hear and see. We do not engage in what the media is telling us and analyze what information we are receiving. I have to admit I am a victim of this. My perception on femininity and masculinity has been altered due to the media. I believe at times there are misconceptions about how a man or a woman should act. Masculinity and femininity in the media has shown me a lot about how we, as men and or women, are “supposed to” relate to one another. Masculinity is portrayed a certain way in the media as is femininity. We need to be aware of these stereotypes and understand that this is not what men and women really act like or should act like that. In a class discussion my professor had a great lecture on how the media is portraying men and women. My professor was the reason I write about this topic.



4. Drugs and Alcohol

College students drink on average 3 nights a week. College parties consist of drinking and the use of drugs. College hookups mainly occur because of drugs and alcohol. Alcohol alters the brain and makes you way more confident or loose. Many people say college hookups are so common because of alcohol and I firmly believe that statement. What is somewhat concerning is the consent factor. Men and women are still uncertain about the concept of giving consent. Many times a female and or male is to drunk to give consent for the hook up. The main rule is that females must say the words yes in order for males to continue the hookup. Sexual assault is happening all over on college campuses because people do not know where to draw the line between sexual assault and a consented hookup. This is a growing problem all over the country. Alcohol is a main reason for sexual assaults on college campuses.   I believe we need to have more classes on sexual assault cases and the proper way to give consent. This subject is very unclear for college age kids. One sexual assault is one to many in my opinion and I hope over the next couple of years colleges provide the correct education so that students can gain knowledge on sexual assault.


3. Hookup Statistics

On college campuses hook up culture can have its pros and cons. One con that stands out to me is the thought of having regret after a sexual encounter or hookup. I recently found an article discussing a study that was taken place by Garcia and Reiber on a college campus in 2008. A total of 1,468 students participated in this study and the results show that 27.1 percent of the students felt very embarrassed, 24.7 had emotional difficulties after their hookup, 20.8 lost respect for their partner, and 10 percent had difficulty with a steady partner. These statistics show that bad hookups can happen and it happens a lot more frequently then you think. Statistics show that 26 percent of women feel positive after a hookup. That means approximately 74 percent of women feel negative after a hook up. Men feel much more positive after a hook up than women. Men often feel more confident after a one night stand, women on the other hand feel depressed and emotionally distraught. I believe this study is a great example of the difference between men and women in hook up culture. http://www.apa.org/monitor/2013/02/ce-corner.aspx

2. Sex on College Campuses

I am a male sophomore at Michigan State University. As a freshman I was afraid of college but ready to accept the challenge. Living in the dorms is a great experience for someone especially someone right out of high school. There are many differences socially in college. You are constantly meeting new people left and right. One very shocking thing I noticed in the dorm was the resident assistance supplied condoms openly. This was extremely new to me. It was as if they were telling me to experience casual sex. I felt extremely uncomfortable every time I would walk by my resident assistants door and see a bag of thirty condoms. At Michigan State they are not going to pretend college students do not have sex. In other words they are promoting protective sex. If you know the students are going to have sex then why don’t you prevent pregnancy instead of preventing sex. This idea is genius. I believe many other schools should have condoms accessible at all times in the dorms. This is another example of our society today changing. Condoms have never been more accessible than they are now. Colleges promoting hook up culture is not a bad thing it lets college students meet new people and get to experience hooking up. In today’s society there are many arguments you can make with this subject. Many older generations disagree with this topic. It is important to understand the evolution of hook up culture.

1. Hookup Culture

College campuses throughout the United States have been changing socially over the years. In the 1970s the term “hook up” was a phrase used for getting together with friends and family. In a sentence it would be used like this, “Hey Katie do you want to maybe hook up later.” This was totally normal back in the day. Today if this was said there would be a lot different of a reaction. Young teenagers these days use the phrase “hook up” as a phrase to describe sex. On college campuses sex is all around us. Casual sex is completely acceptable. If you ask individuals such as grandparents if casual sex was a thing at their colleges and universities they would say no. Casual sex is changing our social experience as college students. It is a very interesting topic my class has been discussing the past few weeks. My goal through out this thread is to give people my opinion on the various topics I will be discussing regarding hook up culture. Hook up culture is only growing on college campuses. Right now it is a huge part of our society and this topic will only become more and more popular in the future. College campuses are changing the way we look at sex all over the country. Hooking up is a casual way to meet someone and male and female students in today’s generation are experiencing something no other generation has truly experienced.