27. Immediate Action

Throughout my research on this topic there is one thing that bothers me the most about sexual assault cases committed by athletes. Women report the athlete for the crime weeks, months, and even years after the event took place. This means the victim had to live with the feeling of being assaulted for long periods of time. The victims were afraid to get a player in trouble because it would effect the team, player, player’s family, school community, and most of all the college. Coaches have gotten involved and told victims to not tell anyone and I think that is absolutely wrong. No girl she continue her life knowing she got sexually assaulted and the man who committed the crime is scoring touchdowns on the field. It is not about winning. At this point it is about doing what is right. Players should be accused immediately and action should be taken place shortly after. Suspensions of college athletes should be given out the day of the accusation. The school and sport program should later pay for mental rehab and assistance to the victim. If a player is caught with committing sexual assault then the program should be held responsible. This is something in our society that needs to be changed immediately. Women need to accuse the victim right away before he goes and sexually assaults another female. Women and men of all ages need to change the way our society views collegiate athletes.


25. Statistics

The NCAVA, National Coalition Against Violent Athletes, did a recent study on college athletes and sexual assaults. On a college campus, athletes commit one in three sexual assaults. This is an astonishing statistic given the fact that college male athletes make up a low percentage of all the males on college campuses. This also shows how college athlete sexual assault crimes are more likely to get reported. Women may not report sexual assaults from random men. This is a big reason why athletes need to be extremely careful with women on a college campus because everyone knows they are on a football team and they know their names. College non-athletes do not get the same amount of attention from the media. I am not saying non-athletes can go around committing sexual assault and getting away with it but in general athletes need to be more careful because of their amount of publicity. The general population has a conviction rate of 80 percent and athletes have a conviction rate of 38 percent. This is again another example of how women are intimidated by athletes and are afraid to report on a football player.


24. Discipline

A college’s football program can either give the school a good reputation or a bad reputation. An athletic director’s disciplinary action is essential in regards tp the amount of respect you receive from your community. Florida State, for example, has bad publicity all around the country for the Jameis Winston incident. Winston was accused of sexually assaulting a female on campus. The university did not suspend Winston from playing football. Winston went on to win the National Championship. Florida State began to get bad publicity with reporters saying they only wanted to win and they did not care for the victim or the accusation. They were not going to let an accusation prevent them from winning a National Championship. This brings up the question again should college athletes be suspended before legal hearings have been taken place? If Florida State was not a National Championship contender would this have been talked about on social media so much? If this was Western Kentucky I do not think this would have been talked about so much. Also, Jameis Winston was the best player in college football at the time and that was a major reason it has so much publicity.

23. College Female Student

I recently caught up with an old friend of mine to converse about the sexual assault and college athlete topic. I interviewed a sophomore female student who has had experience in talking with college athletes. I asked her if athletes have ever intimidated her in her time in college. She replied and said, she has experienced herself being intimidated by athletes because they are very large and have a lot of confidence. They tend to be aggressive at parties and try to throw girls on to them for hook ups. I also asked her if she thought college athletes are superior on campus. She replied saying how athletes in classes get all the answers and professors are afraid to fail them and how they get so much attention and get away with everything. After a few more question her and I discussed why college athletes become involved in committing sexual assault. We talked about how much violence is in football and that could be a reason football players commit violence off the field. It was a very productive conversation that enhanced my knowledge on this topic from a woman’s perspective. Sexual Assault is a very hard subject to talk about with woman many of them will feel very uncomfortable. Women all have been affected by sexual assault whether it may have happened to them or they know someone who it has happened to.


22. Derrick Washington

These articles of college athlete sexual assaults are very interesting and they are a great example of what not to do. Derrick Washington was a former Missouri football player. He was allegedly accused of sexually assaulting one of his school tutors. Later in a court, he was found guilty and was sentenced for five years in prison. The judge said however that he is eligible for probation after 120 days. Washington’s lawyer told authorities that Derrick has never had a criminal charge prior to this and that he has suffered immensely since being found guilty. Derrick was going to get drafted and be a top 10 pick in the National Football League draft. Now he has no future. He was going to obtain millions and millions of dollars and now he is a criminal with a sexual assault charge on his record. When you have a sexual assault crime on your record it hurts your status in many communities. Washington’s chances of making it to the NFL now are very unlikely. Also his chances of getting a job are shattered. A sexual assault crime has a great effect on not only the victim of the crime but also the person who committed the crime. http://www.columbiatribune.com/sports/mu_football/derrick-washington-sentenced-for-sexual-assault/article_72996d5a-a527-5548-a15f-a5551aa3cd35.html

21. Tyreek Hill

Tyreek Hill was an Oklahoma State football and track player from georgia. Hill recently was accused of a violent crime that included beating his then pregnant girlfriend. Hill immediately was kicked off his football and track team and later the university released him near after. In my opinion once a player is accused of such a violent crime such as this the student athlete should immediately be revoked of his scholarship and released by the university. The university receives a horrible reputation for this action. Young athletes need to understand how fortunate they are to be doing what they are doing. They are getting a free education while playing the sport they love in front of an entire college community. They do not understand that one mistake can lead them to give up their dream and it effects the team and it effects the person who committed the crime. He went from getting a great education and potentially receiving a great job offer but now he is not going to school and he needs to evaluate his life. Tyreek Hill is a great example of what college athletes should never do and that is give themselves a bad reputation. http://www.ocolly.com/news/article_99a38bbe-c685-11e4-a7da-7b4be34da99f.html

20. Michael Dixon

Michael Dixon was a Missouri point guard who averaged 13 points a game. Dixon was stellar point for Missouri however he was always caught up in trouble with his team. He got in trouble multiple times for violating team rules, the team would not disclose the information and the team would not let Michael Dixon talk to the media. Dixon was accused of sexually assaulting a female two years after the incident occurred. This is another example that explains to us that females are afraid to report on sexual assault cases committed by athletes. He is now on trial and the evidence is very unclear. The judge had this to say however, “When a case is brought before the Student Conduct Committee, any previous accusations against the same student can be taken into account and may affect the final decision.” It is not looking good for Dixon who has gotten a bad reputation at the University. The court takes into consideration of who the type of person you are. His past actions will most likely hurt him further down the road in this court case that is still an ongoing investigation. Athletes need to maintain a good reputation because in the long run it will help them in the community and if community members and media respect the athletes then a chance of bad publicity will not take place. http://gamedayr.com/sports/mizzou-guard-michael-dixon-suspended-indefinitely-amid-second-accusation-of-sexual-assault/