34. Common Book Reflection

Throughout this semester, I have accumulated a lot of research on my thread. My thread earlier in the semester was focused on athlete sexual assault cases including collegiate as well as professional athletes. I later changed my approach to this thread. I narrowed my research to mainly sexual assault committed by collegiate athletes. I was way more intrigued with collegiate athletes’ sexual assault cases because I am a college student and I felt I could relate more to college athletes. All the work I have done on this thread has improved my ability to research a specific topic. I have learned how to continuously find new information on college athlete sexual assault cases. I have looked over many cases and I believe I have a greater understanding of the sexual assault culture on college campuses in regards to college athletes. I learned a lot about myself as a writer. I learned how to gather sufficient information from multiple sources. My thoughts on college athletes have completely changed. I used to look up to college athletes and after doing my research I have lost respect for athletes on college campuses. One sexual assault crime is one to many in my opinion. In school moving forward, I will now have more knowledge of how to research topics and write them well. This assignment has made me try new behaviors such as being more respectful to women and knowing what many of them go through socially with athletes. I hope to take what I learned in writing this common book and apply these new writing skills in my other classes. Even in nonacademic ways, writing this common book has helped me. For example, if someone asks me to research another topic whether it be political or environmental I believe I can do so very well. This has given me practice of effectively and efficiently following threads of interest and significance. I know now, after writing this thread that this will help me to do any type of project moving forward. I will now be able to participate in public discussions about athletes on college campuses. This thread that I have chosen is a very hot topic in today’s society and is growing all over the country on college campuses. There are new sexual assault cases every day and I am fortunate enough to now have the knowledge to participate in these intense conversations about them. Our society is at fault because we put athletes on a pedestal and they know that they think they are superior to others and they can get away with anything. I would love to have a discussion with anyone else that has knowledge on this topic so that we can share ideas and that I can obtain a deeper understanding. I want to find a way to prevent athletes from using violence and having a feeling superiority because it will make a significant impact in communities all over the country. Athletes should be leaders and the people we look up to on a daily basis. This assignment has taught me how to effectively research a hot topic in today’s society. I hope to take my skills I learned writing this and apply them for the rest of my life.



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