33. Bad Publicity

A college’s football program can either give the school a good reputation or a bad reputation. An athletic director’s disciplinary action is essential in regards tp the amount of respect you receive from your community. Florida State, for example, has bad publicity all around the country for the Jameis Winston incident. Winston was accused of sexually assaulting a female on campus. The university did not suspend Winston from playing football. Winston went on to win the National Championship. Florida State began to get bad publicity with reporters saying they only wanted to win and they did not care for the victim or the accusation. They were not going to let an accusation prevent them from winning a National Championship. This brings up the question again should college athletes be suspended before legal hearings have been taken place? If Florida State was not a National Championship contender would this have been talked about on social media so much? If this was Western Kentucky I do not think this would have been talked about so much. Also, Jameis Winston was the best player in college football at the time and that was a major reason it has so much publicity.



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