32. Violence Prevention

The NCAVA is a recently established organization this is helping athletes all over the country. National Coalition Against Violent Athletes, NCAVA, are educating young athletes on the effects of violence and sexual assault. Their ultimate goal is to prevent sexual assault crimes by athletes. They have created programs that help athletes understand who they are in the community and who they need to be. They need to be leaders who everyone respects and looks up to. They are facilitated by a nationally recognized athlete violence expert whose focus is to help athletes refrain from violent actions. He assures that the athletes will have a better understanding on the impact on the victims and their families. The program also guides these young athletes to prevent them from getting into harmful situations where a sexual assault could occur. The National Coalition Against Violent Athletes is a great and up and coming program that every sports program should consider looking in to. If more athletes acquire more understanding of this program then there will hopefully be a change in the rate of sexual assault crimes committed by athletes. College football programs especially should look into this organization because football is the sport with the highest violence crimes.



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