31. Football Compared to Baseball

As I was watching ESPN one Saturday morning I came across a report on another National Football League suspension for domestic violence a man beat his wife. This intrigued me to look into a subject that has been talked about for years. The subject I am referring to is the question does violent sports have anything to do with violence. Domestic violence is one of the most committed crimes in the National Football. Why is it that domestic violence is not the most committed crime in Major League Baseball? This proves a point that sports with violence has some sort of a relationship with domestic violence. Football is the most violent sport you can play while baseball is more mellow and laid back.  It is in there manhood to become violent and use physical action. People say it is because of their upbringing in the sport. As young football players you are always taught to have a crazy aggression towards who ever has the ball and to whoever you are playing against. Sometimes this aggression and start on the field and after awhile it can switch to off field aggression which creates aggression which at the end of the day is the cause of domestic violence and sexual assault cases. They must have programs to prevent violent sports athletes from committing crimes. This topic has interest me an immense amount. http://www.humankinetics.com/excerpts/excerpts/does-on-field-violent-behavior-lead-to-off-field-violence


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