30. Hookup History

The media has a major influence on our society today. Social media is changing the world we have grown up in. Femininity and masculinity are being perceived in a much different way than they did 50 years ago. I ask myself this question. Why is this? In our fast moving, 21st century world, we sometimes believe everything we hear and see. We do not engage in what the media is telling us and analyze what information we are receiving. I have to admit I am a victim of this. My perception on femininity and masculinity has been altered due to the media. I believe at times there are misconceptions about how a man or a woman should act. Masculinity and femininity in the media has shown me a lot about how we, as men and or women, are “supposed to” relate to one another. Masculinity is portrayed a certain way in the media as is femininity. We need to be aware of these stereotypes and understand that this is not what men and women really act like or should act like that. In a class discussion my professor had a great lecture on how the media is portraying men and women. My professor was the reason I write about this topic.


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